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Farming broken war handle and blade



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19 minutes ago, (PS4)SaberPrimeEX said:

Im having a hard time farming broken war handle and blade 

Welcome to the club.

The drop chance is very low (0.5%) and they only drop from Conculyst (club hands), while the other version called Battalyst (tuning fork hands) is far more common.

There are several option of finding these:

Missions on Lua:

  1. Either 1st Extermination: wait for the Occulysts (non aggro) to spawn at the start, rush the the location, get scanned, spawn 2 Sentients, hope one of them is Conculyst if not, just abort mission. If they do not drop abort the mission as well. bring Ivara + any other farming frame.
  2. Or Survival - they spawn every 10 minutes or so. The further you are into the mission the more of them spawns (i went up to 5). Again bring farming frame (it is Survival after all).
  3. Rescue is an option as well. Just have to hope you get the Sentient portal before you get the Operative portal (or maybe it doesnt matter and you can still open other portals/cells?)

Missions on Jupiter:

  • Preferably Ropalolyst. 3 of them spawn at the last phase (do not go in public because people kill the boss before you manage to kill the Sentients).
  • There is also one Sentient spawning in each of the Secret Rooms on Jupiter Tileset.

Octavia quest:

  • Unsure whether that is still a valid option.

Farming since 1000+ hours, got one handle so far (from Ropalolyst). Good luck. Also they are tradable for plat.

To kill a Sentient bring a good weapon and any operator amp (to reset their %dmg reduction). Paracesis works as both.

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