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Will it ever be a Warframe Book series someday?


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The question is quite simple...

Will we ever get a Warframe Book series someday? Like, with all the lore so far OR following some Tenno or other character in some warframe's era?

I know that the warframe past, present and future lore are still in development, but I would love to have a Book where I can dive deep into the world of WF.
Following the life of a Vent-Kid struggling to survive in the streets of the Orb Vallis, OR following a defected Greener that are rescued by the Steel Meridian and working alongside they past enemy the Tenno... there is infinite possibilities...

Man, that would be awesome...

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Probably an unpopular opinion, but let's not spread the franchise out over multiple media formats, please?

"Want to get caught up on the story? Play the game! Buy and read all the comics and books! Not sold in your country? Well, SOL."

Loved it when Disney did that with Star Wars.

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