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Customizable Ambience


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Hey forum,


A friend and i were recently discussing how we'd like more customization options in the dojo, one thing we both thought sounded like a really cool feature was to be able to change the ambience of the overall dojo, to be able to choose what kind of sounds or soundtrack was playing in the dojo.

After thinking about it we thought of some ways in which it might work:

- Rather than simply selecting a song to play, there were a different selection of presets that you could put together in different combinations to form a unique and creative ambience for your dojo.
- To prevent anyone choosing what is playing, only someone with a high rank like a Warlord could choose and edit the dojos ambience.
- You can create and upload your own presets using the new Taiko drums and upload them at the cost of platinum.
- You will be able to customize the ambience for each room if you want rather than the dojo entirely, moving to a room with different ambience would fade into the new ambience.

These are simply suggestions to how this could work, i would just like some more customization option to separate my clan from the others and this has got to be my favourite, i'd love to hear the opinions of the forum :)

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