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Whip Files Now Available!

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You read that right -- whips are officially available in the Steam Workshop. Without further ado, let's dive into technical specifications. The full guide can be found here: http://www.warframe.com/steamworkshop/help/index.php?page=creating-a-whip-skin


With the way our melee weapons are set up, we are able to do complete mesh swaps for them per weapon type! This lets our players use these skins for a variety of melees, unlike our weapon-exclusive primary and secondary skins.

Whips are one of the more complex melee weapon types, and as a result it needs its own guide to make creation and implementation as easy as possible!

Technical Specs and Restrictions:

  • Triangle budget: 6000
  • Maps: Authored at 2048 x 1024. In-game will be 1024 x 512, so please keep this in mind with the fidelity of your details. Requires a full set of textures as per our texturing guide here.
  • You cannot edit the cord’s mesh, it can be retextured. 
  • The handle and cord need to be offset in a specific way for the animations to work seamlessly. Take note of how these are positioned in the Scoliac example below:


Some tips:

  • Keep the original model visible as you work on your concept. You will need to have the cord and blade in the same positions and be at the same scale, so design with those constraints in mind.
  • If you want to add a special scrolling texture to your emissives, you need to provide us with the file!
  • For custom FX, please make sure it’s set up on a separate mesh that fits within the triangle budget, with its own material set/UV unwrap.
  • You can take your piece and change the faction and art style quite heavily.

Prior to submission, please refer to the handy checklist below to make sure your Whip skin meets all the TennoGen criteria:


Melee Mesh Swap Checklist.jpg

Happy creating!

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On 2019-08-06 at 3:13 PM, [DE]Taylor said:

Technical Specs and Restrictions:

  • You cannot edit the cord’s mesh, it can be retextured. 

Just clarifying here, since another creator asked: you can edit the UVs as well as the textures for the cord.

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Well, this is great and all but, errr... What are we supposed to use it on? 👀


Prime whip when? I just want my Saryn Prime to fully become Soulcalibur's Ivy!


j/k, can't wait to see what crazyness comes out of this 😄

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