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Graphic Change Options In The Game Launcher


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There are some games out there that currently allow users to change graphic settings before even loading the game. Such as Star Trek Online, Uncharted Waters online, Shin Megami Tenshi: Megaten, FlyFF, Minecraft, and Awesomenauts to name a few. There are some instances where the game graphic settings are too high, that a new user can never play the game simply because the game crashes prior to being able to change the settings. The game may be designed to allow individuals with older model computers ( a broader audience) to enjoy the game. However due to it's default settings; they are unable to lower the graphics to what their computer can handle before it crashes. Adding the option to change graphic settings (even if only a few such as screen resolution, and a slider to choose performance vs quality) could be enough to rectify this issue. I know it would be additional work for the developers to incorporate this option into the binary coding of the game but I believe it would not only benefit those who desire to play your game, but open the doors to potential revenue via increasing your community of players.


Thank you for taking the time to review my suggestion








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