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A Jump Out Of Bounds


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To begin with, I'm not sure if this is the appropriate spot, however, as I am rather new to the forums, I felt this was the best place to start the topic. Please feel free to move it to the appropriate section if need be.


Now the issue;


Some time ago, my friend and I discovered something completely by accident; In a Void Tower mission, possibly a derelict mission, there are retractable barriers that will appear whenever the player or enemy approaches it. It seems by hitting this at a certain time, and performing a flip jump technique, you get a boost far greater than possibly intended. Let's call this a super jump.


I'm not sure if the above was intended or not. However, running with that same friend, another friend of mine wanted to know of this technique. Getting it to work was complicated, but it did eventually, with some unintentional results;




The screenshot above shows my latest super jump, landing out of the map boundary. I realized then that it wasn't intended at all. I was able to get down okay, however, I was still out of bounds at the time. I've only done this trick successfully three times, but I will hold off on it for the time being since I discovered this, as the two other attempts did not reflect this issue. It's also eerie how this came to be, as I thought at first I was simply embedded into the wall by accident.


I apologize if I broke any rules repeating the trick, as stated, I did this three times, yet this is the only time it was an issue, and I also apologize if this is in the wrong section of the forums. I was considering if it belonged to the AI forum or not, considering the retractable barrier, but thought if I was unsure of it, I'd instead start it here.

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