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Dojo/Orbiter Decorations go crooked when upside down!


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 If I place a decoration and rotate the object to be upside down, it will snap to a funny angle and won't be straight anymore. This happens with rotation snapping set to 15 or 45 degrees. I also experience this same issue when decorating inside my orbiter. I have attached an image below of some objects I was placing and you can see how wonky one of them is. I really hope this can be fixed.

I am playing on a 3440x1440 (ultrawide) monitor which might be a possible cause of the problem but I think it most likely has something to do with the code behind how an object is rotated when it snaps. Rotating an object does not fix this and (with 15 degree snapping on) simply adds 15 degrees to whatever funny angle it is on. This makes a big difference especially on larger decorations (see image 3) where the effect is very noticable.

This relatively simple bug wastes huge amounts of time and makes dojo/orbiter decorating very difficult to do. I would really appreciate a fix for this. If this affects anybody else please mention it so I know that I am not alone; If this has happened to you and you have a solution please let me know. It has been bugging me for the longest time. 




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19 hours ago, (PS4)Gorudensukaji said:

This is the most irritating thing for me at the moment. Especially since I'm borderline ocd and everything has to be perfect, I keep having to go manual and try to correct it best I can, very frustrating

A slight workaround I found is to start the object facing upwards and then use the snapping to rotate it to the angle you want. without letting go, change the snapping to [off] and then let go of it.

If you grab an object already upside down and it moves, just press [esc] to revert it. Select something else (or while you have grabbed it) change the snapping to [off] and [esc] out of the object. then move the upside down object without worry of it going spaz.

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