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Nora is useful!


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56 minutes ago, Gabbynaru said:

Esc+click will probably be way faster (but I only used it for Profit Taker bounties, so I'm not certain).

TBH, haven't tried it with the profit-taker (yet) but any outer regular bounties it does skip the full dialog. 

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1 hour ago, Oreades said:

Wait whaaat? 

That is actually useful and better than the current spam M1 to skip individual lines of dialogue that we got. 

I discovered clicking skips dialog lines only a few days ago myself; before that I just used to sit them out over and over again.  So a "Wait whaaat?" from me as well 🙂

All the time I never thought they could be skipped at all, since I remember players complaining of the dialogs being unskippable.  Must have missed a memo somewhere 🙂

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