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New Mission Type Suggestion


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I have an idea for a new mission type. No idea if it's a good idea or not but ima give it anyway.

So the mission is essentially a mix between Sorties, Endless and void fissures.

You start off the mission with a condition lets say Enemy Physical Enhancement and after a set amount of waves/time the condition would change. The conditions can be anything such as Enemy elemental enhancement, Secondary only, Energy drain etc, etc. Anything that isn't too specific like snipers only. So in the end of the day you get slapped in the face with a slight challenge every wave until you decide to leave.

The rewards will be done as a standard set of loot tables A,B,C in whatever combination but will have larger rewards (quantity wise). You will be able to select which reward you prefer similar to void relics if you are in a squad. So with this you can always add something like Rivens, Statues, Cosmetics, materials and the player can choose what they want for the effort they put in. You can even take it so far as to have the first 20 mins/waves have a set loot table and the 20mins/waves after have new loot tables and hide some of the more interesting rewards a little deeper into the mission. Essentially rewarding the players for the time they put in.

So with the combination of conditions, endless and loot selection I feel that it could make for a decent mission type that rewards the players who come prepared and put in some effort. Enemy scaling I have not thought of yet but if they can make it so that the scaling doesn't go off the ramp and still offer some challenge then that would be ideal. I feel that this could easily make it so that for example you were nuking the map with your frame and they slap you with Warframe abilities disabled that you would have to pull out your OP weapon that you never use and start performing. Essentially rewarding "skill" and effort with a half decent reward that isn't 500 endo at wave 200....

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Do you know about the gamemode Disruption? 😄

Because it does exactly what you suggest:

- changing condtions (the Sortie part)

- its an endless gamemode

- one might say it rewards skill aswell since the rotation will be determined by your performance each time

- only problem with that; the droptable in that gamemode is basically trash ^^

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