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Got 2 relics from one single stage reward. Is this normal?


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I just found it odd, at the end of a tier 5 bounty in Orb Vallis I got 2 Axi relics at once (plus one I got as a reward form another stage). I don't think this ever happened to me and I was wondering if this is normal or what 🤔


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In Solaris United Bounties, you'll get bonus objectives with each Bounty stage. Complete each one, and you'll get extra Standing. Complete all the stages with bonus objectives, and you get an extra reward roll after completing the final stage. In this case, you rolled two relics.

I practically rely on the mechanic, and it's why I only solo SU Bounties with Octavia. She's a little bit overkill, you see, but I gotta get that extra reward roll, damnit.

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