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Client fps affects the operator amp energy drain on certain amps (critical)


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@[DE]Glen or anyone who can forward this to the right people.

I was talking about the "flamethrower" amp energy consumption with my friend since we had quite the different energy consumption when timing it with a clock. I didn't really think much of it the first time noticed this but today we were talking about it again and it just occurred to me what was happening because I remembered the difference on the performance we have in warframe and it is not the first time I see fps affecting something that it should not. The issue is as follows:

The more fps you have, the faster the amp will drain the energy pool! 

Here's the proof:

I do not have any other amps currently that I could test this with, but I am almost certain that this happens also with some of the other fortuna amp parts. I consider this bug to be critical since it makes certain amps basically unusable due to the energy drain if you are running high fps systems.

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