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Orb Vallis: Incorrect Spy "Abandoning Mission"


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When sneaking into the Enrichment Labs to hack the server for a bounty, I decided to be smart about this and not walk in through the front door. From the Labs' lobby, I went down the east stairs and immediately turned south to cross a platform and take a stairwell down, ducking past some crates and into a grate. The vent curved east and connects to a hallway just across from a door, in which is some kind of machinery and another vent. This vent comes out just below the server, and affords quite a bit of cover sneaking to the stairwell on the opposite side. At that point I was in front of the console to deactivate the server's isolation walls. By using this path, so long as I get through the lobby unnoticed, I can spend all of the risky portions in void mode and not have too much risk of getting spotted.

...Except the mission pointer is set to be the front door, for no rational reason, and taking any other path causes the "abandoning mission" warning to appear. By the time I'd realized, I was already inside the server room, and there wasn't any chance of running back out and around to convince the mission I wasn't abandoning it. This being the final step of the bounty, I will now have to replay the entire bounty to get any credit for the Nightwave challenge. Thanks, DE. = /

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