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(XBOX)Vamma Takayn

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Back ground.

Slash is one of the most superior damage types because procing slash causes 245% of slash damage to be dealt as true damage and by passes armor and shields over 7 seconds and stacks. Slash has lots of synergies including relentless combination and blood rush, so that when slash is procs it increases combo multiplier as well as critical chance. This leaves impact and puncture damage in the dust. Puncture damage debuffs enemy attacks by 70%, and impact just staggers the enemy for a womping 1 second. This makes weapons like paracesis, atterax, and other high slash damage melee weapons the most superior type weapons.

They have tried to make use of iimpat with a mod called shattering impact (reduces enemies armor by 6 at max rank permanantly) its a joke mod, because corrosive procs already do that and do it at a percent of the enemies armor. And 6 points of armor per proc at high level enemies does not do very much and will cause the player to spend all day stiking the enemy or die attempting such a feat.


What should be done

Shattering impact could be made useful if it was a flat percent similar to that of the corrosive procs. This would add utility to impact rather than making oberon, corrosive projection, or corrosive procs, the only alternative.

Additionally adding more physical combo multiplier increase mods for the rest of the physical damage family can make weapons like the war, and destreza prime just as amazing without nerfing the already great physical damage type slash. Atleast in terms of melee. Luckily it doesnt take much to come up with a puncture and impact name varient for the relentless combination mod

I propose de release the following:

Staggering Combination -(on impact procs 100% chance to increase melee combo multiplier)

Piercing Combination -(on puncture procs 100% chance to increase melee combo multiplier)


***yes warframe has an imense library of mods and yes i have checked through all released mods to see if these varients exsist. They don't***

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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