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nightwave challenges recovered but broke

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Same here. The first week I came back, I got a few "recovered" missions to do, and completed those. Next week nothing, and every week after that I have had 3 "recovered" missions come up, already completed, that I cannot get any points from. Since I can't complete those, it won't give me any new options to do either. I submitted a support ticket, but they said they can't manually fix anything, because it would "completely destroy the game for you". What's going to destroy the game for me is not being able to play it and get rewards....

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Mine was broke too but in another way.

I was out on vacation from Aug 1 to Aug 12 (also missed Dog Days completely - "thanks" DE for these time limited events...), so lost a week of weeklies.

When I completed all current ones for this week, the "Do 5 OV bounties" and "Kill a Doma Tusk Thumper" and one other (I forgot), appeared as recovered uncompleted. So I proceeded and successfully completed them all.

After re-logging in a few hours later and checking my NW task list, none of the above recovered completed acts were on my list.  Instead I saw the following 3 'recovered' completed on my list: 3 captures, 8 rare mods and Kill 100 eximus.  What the hek is going on?!

Let's hope the next build will fix this or just do away with NW and steer clear of ANY time limited events?  Pretty please?!

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