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Primed Modular Weapons

(XBOX)Vamma Takayn

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A few thoughts i have been having. We know archaic will eventually have a primed varient and some will have prisma varients. And i love the kitguns and naming them and all but lets imagine for a bit. Under the current relic system we play missions that drop relics we open the relics and we get components to primed weapons we build the primed weapons in our foundry, but what if the void had an open world host to remenants of the orokin empire and a particular trader handed items called "Arcane Forma" where you could use 1 of these formas to add an arcane spot to a warframe, weapon, companion or tenno. Current zaws could have 2 arcane slots at most. Warframe 3 arcane slots at most, tenno 3 arcane slots at most, amps 2 arcane slots at most, and so on. In other words only 1 Arcane forma can be used per item.


***note you could obtain the modular relics in missions as a reward in addition to purchasing them from the orokin host********


Then we had primed modular weapon bps. Relics of course sold by said orokin weapons smith. Not to worry easily assembled with resources already obtained like orokin cells and ferrite and what ever. But you had to crack open the relic to get the modular part. Ofcourse they would be catergorized by weapon part. ZM relics containing primed zaw modular bps, KM relics containing primed Kitgun modular parts, XM conatining primed (what ever de calls primary weapons) modular parts, lastly AM relics conatining primed amp modular parts. No new rivens would be released because we already have "the non primed varients".


These primed modular weapons (excluding amps as they cant be modded) can be formaed with an "Arcane Forma". Since all weapons can only be formaed with the arcane forma once, when you craft a primed modular weapon it would have 2 arcane slots and therefore could be only formaed with an arcane forma once for a  max total of 3 arcane slots per primed modular weapon.


Comment if this is something you would like to see in future updates

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