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Primary: The War Within - The Mountain Pass


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Primary Issue:

While replaying the Operator story modes (to examine choice selection), I am currently at The Mountain Pass.

I have all but 2 points Unairu's Sundering Dash unlocked. I use Naramon without Void Hunter and Void Stalker and have all Way-Bounds enabled.

I am still in the process of testing (3rd game restart) but the results seem to be the same:

First time through, upon landing I fell off the ledge on purpose. I respawned with 250HP. Then, began walking the proper path. In the round area, that you make your left for the bridge, I could no longer turn the Operator more than +-15 degrees from his current heading. I became stuck in the corner farthest from the ice bridge. I Quit Warframe then relaunched the game.

Second time through, walked down the path to the left turn round outcrop. Waited just a minute to test if movement was restricted again - no. Went back to fall off the same location. Walked the path again. Got to the ice bridge breaking when a huge gust of "wind" through me off the left side of the bridge. Upon respawning and walking only a few meters, a "huge gust" was pushing me and, once again, I got stuck, unable to move in the same corner again.

Third playthrough, I am checking if it is some sort of timer mishap - I have reached the ice cave entrance without any problems and still having 100HP.

I will edit upon mission completion.


I fell in at the Ayatan monument - respawned with 250HP and able to jog, run, jump and slide.

After fixing the Ayatan monument, the respawn reset me to the proper state.

After getting eaten by the Maw, able to jog, run, jump and slide with 250HP. Hurt leg is no longer hurt.

After walking through the first memory and getting Void Blast, only able slide and jog.

After getting Void Dash, able to jog, run, jump and slide. Void Dash energy allows 4 dashes.

While in Void Mode, movement is VERY much reduced. Maw death fixes Void Mode speed.

Exiting the cave, spawn causes 100HP, walk, jump and slide. Falling off edge, respawn causes 250HP, walk, jump and slide.

The Mountain Pass - Complete.

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