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[Warframe Concept] Athena, The Battle Goddess

(XBOX)AD Exceed

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Alright... Gonna keep it real with you guys, this concept is going to be a bit cheeky and on-the-nose, and I'm going to do some weird, out-of-pocket things but please... like, seriously, please just read the whole thing... I promise it'll be worth your while, maybe. Also full disclosure, historical or contextual accuracy will be sidelined in favor of fun factor and creativity sometimes. 
Anyhow... This is the warframe Athena, the Goddess of Battle and Combat. She is nigh-unstoppable in the realm of martial prowess, and no one who calls themselves her enemy will ever taste victory against her. 

Stats (Fully Ranked):
Health: 500
Shield: 0
Armor: 330
Energy: 250
Sprint Speed: 1.10

Passive: Veins of Ichor-  The warframe's Goddess physiology means that instead of blood, its veins run gold with the ethereal fluid, Ichor. Instead of making the warframe immortal, it gives the warframe the ability to use damage taken to progressively bolster armor. The armor buff decays quickly, however, and must be sustained or further increased by doing damage. The higher the armor buff, the quicker it decays, but in exchange, the cap is set at 2000/4000/6000/8000 armor. This buff is applied after mods, not before.

Lance LungeUse a longspear/lance of ethereal composition and dash forward at blinding speed, impaling and dragging all enemies in the way, before raising the spear into the sky to be struck by lightning that will be redirected like a lightning rod. This will cause the electricity to travel down the spear, through the warframe's chassis, and violently spread out radially on the ground beneath the warframe, shocking all enemies in range. Press and hold to throw the Longspear instead, which will pulse with raw energy upon making impact, knocking back all enemies in range and doing damage. The more distance it travels before impact, the more damage it will do... with a high cap of 1000. Extra bonus damage for traveling downwards towards the target. This number is before mods. 
Damage- 458
Range- 15m

Aegis RageDon the Shield adorned with the avatar of medusa and absorb damage blocked with it. Once satisfied with the absorbed damage, press again to begin charging up a radial wave that siphons off the stored damage to use as petrifying energy that violently explodes radially outward, petrifying all enemies caught in the area of influence. Press and hold to siphon off both the armor buff from Veins of Ichor and the stored damage to make the petrification also degrade the enemies' armor. The more armor is sacrificed, the more armor is removed from the enemy when they break free from the petrifaction. 
Petrifaction charge time: 2.5 seconds
Petrifaction duration- 6 seconds before absorbed damage
Armor Stripping- 25% for every 1500 armor sacrificed

Athena's Relics: Make use of the divine relics available to the Warframe.
Call upon the Owl of Athena.
Call upon an ethereal avatar of the Owl of Athena that will hover over the shoulders of allies to bestow wisdom upon them.  Allies including self, who are under the influence of the Owl will gain wisdom that will be applied in battle. Allied warframes will learn how to better control their energy as they cast their abilities, increasing power efficiency. They will also be gifted with knowledge and wisdom of how to more efficiently maneuver the body and gain a deeper understanding and conditioning of martial combat, increasing melee damage, attack speed and channeling efficiency (you know... if this still matters...) While the owl is active, energy is drained at a gradually increasing rate and once energy is fully drained, it will disappear in a  big explosion that heals and invigorates (+sprint speed +reload speed) all allies in affinity range on a 30 second cooldown.
Duration- 15 seconds
Energy drain: 14/12.5/11/9.5 per second
Melee damage: +95% before mods
Attack speed: +55% before mods
Channeling efficiency: + 35% before mods
Heal rate: Restore 65% of max hp regardless of current amount of hp left
Sprint speed buff on Owl termination: +40%
Reload speed buff on Owl termination: +65%

OR (Two-option Ability wheel, press and release to change, press and hold to activate)

Wear the Helm of Athena. Materialize an ethereal avatar of Athena's Helm and employ the godlike wisdom and strategizing prowess of Athena. While wearing this helm, the warframe gains strong extrasensory perception, allotting her a chance to dodge attacks upon being hit, by becoming intangible for a duration that becomes shorter the more armor she has because of her Veins of Ichor. However, the more damage is stored by Aegis Rage, the higher the chance that the intangibility will trigger on hit for the entire duration spent wearing the helm. After putting on the helm, it is the responsibility of the player to remove the helm as it will not auto-deactivate at the end of the duration. Instead it will begin to overload the warframe's chassis and neuroptics, causing various malignant effects on the warframe. First the warframe's base armor, will begin to decrease and all buffs will be lost. Further overuse will cause the warframe's vision to blur and move speed to plummet to a slow, tired walk. If the helm is removed at this stage of encumberment, the debuff will persist for an addition 9 seconds. During this time, no parkour will be allowed (sliding, bullet jumping, regular jumping or sprinting) Then health will be drained at an alarmingly high rate, with the warframe subsequently dying. The helm will be on a cooldown equal to the time in seconds it was last used for multiplied by (2/1.7/1.5/1,3); extra if the warframe began to suffer ill effects before taking it off.
Dodge chance: 14% on hit
Intangibility duration: 1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds
Helm Worn duration: 17 seconds


These heightened powers of awareness and perception are not sustainable for too long, but to promote player interactivity, the duration is simply the safest length of time the helm can be worn without ill side effects.

Battle Divinity: Don the Armor and Spear of Athena (Speargun) and besiege the battlefield with a combination of strength, wisdom and glory that can only be described as...godly.
This ability takes energy to keep active and once it deactivates, it has a 45 second cooldown that can be reduced by pressing and holding while in cooldown mode to sacrifice armor from Veins of Ichor. As the armor goes down, so to does the duration at a 125:1 ratio of armor point to second of cooldown time

Speargun Attributes:
Damage- 550 per projectile and [1300 + 14% total enemy hp] per charged projectile

Fire Rate- 3.00
Critical Chance- 15%
Critical Multiplier- 1.5x
Status Chance- 23%

The Armor of Athena allows the increase from Veins of Ichor to stop decaying and manifests a small aura around the warframe that will slowly petrify all enemies that get and stay too close for too long. Lance Lunge also does 75% more damage, takes 15% less energy to use and also adopts a cast combo. In exchange, the lightning rod portion of Lance Lunge is omitted and only the dash stab is used but it becomes multi-hit with each hit having a chance to apply slash status. However, you can only use this on one target at a time because of the multi-hit properties, but in exchange, due to the cast combo, the delay between casts is negligible.

The throw version of this ability is also altered so that if you throw an ethereal copy of the real spear, it will near-instantly drag enemies in from twice the listed range before exploding and knocking them back from listed range. 

------Aside from the aforementioned supplements, the speargun fires large spherical projectiles of divine energy and can be charged to fire a slow moving, larger projectile that, while active can be used as fuel for Aegis Rage, by using the shield near the sphere. This will cause the shield to absorb the sphere and explode with petrifying energy in a 15% larger range than usual, with a longer duration of petrifaction. When done this way, the armor debuff is forced, with only a max of 25% armor removed. (It is not possible to absorb the larger sphere and not radial petrify). One supercharged sphere costs 20% of total energy to shoot and regular projectiles cost 4% of total energy to shoot. 

-----Alt-fire for the speargun is a volley of projectiles that can be sustained by holding down. It leeches more energy to sustain (at 9% of total energy) but while sapping energy, every subsequent projectile becomes 7% stronger. If this is initiated from the air, the warframe will hover at that position for the entire duration of the barrage. The projectiles have a mild guiding feature to help minimize wastage.
(The volley of projectiles also have a small explosion radius of 4m that helps land hits from the air or to break up groups. The ragdoll isn't that strong, but it will knock down.)

If you made it this far, thank you for reading. I'm sure it was a lot to take in. If you feel so inclined, leave some constructive feedback or your thoughts and opinions on the concept for me, I check often. Thanks a lot!

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I like the first ability alot( everything about it), the petrification is a nice touch as well but the owl and helm summon confuses me, also i think u should drop the armor mechanic because everyone of these warframe concepts i read have one....


plus it might be too op, she cant have both good offense and defense. Heck she even has cc. the armor and spear might be op as well.

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22 minutes ago, (PS4)vinton14 said:

i think u should drop the armor mechanic because everyone of these warframe concepts i read have one....

I mean yeah, because armor is like, the most important and rework-hungry mechanic in the game and right now, as it is, too many warframes are capable of being one-shot, or 1-second killed. That's why you're seeing armor buffs like this one everywhere. It's too important to leave out.

22 minutes ago, (PS4)vinton14 said:

plus it might be too op, she cant have both good offense and defense

Can't have good offense and defense? Allow me to introduce you to these wonderful people. Rhino, Octavia, Chroma, Valkyr, Equinox, Wukong(Post-rework), Saryn(Ehh, regenerative molt...maybe?), Mesa, Gara. 

Plus, for as much as Athena can do, a lot of it is very very temporary, and there are cooldown timers everywhere, you know, to prevent overuse, especially if the player is not building for a specific aspect of the gameplay. This way, the player has options on how the want to play, much like Nova (Speed-va, or Slow-va) or Chroma.  Which means that there are innate limits on what one can do, and choices about playstyle will need to be made and committed to, in order to get the most out of this warframe. Reading it like this might make it seem way more powerful than it actually is...but if you really think about it, or get the chance to play-test it, you would see that it's not as bad as one might initially think.

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