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Dog days Tactical Alert


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please strip of the buoys and the trees from the level. or add paths for the AI to spawn or patrol those areas and to shoot or look up those places. can you add a player movement tracker? like least movement equals failure. even if its pointless now. but try implementing it from the beginning in the future.

i had a lot of fun at the beginning. pity that, now, i vehemently hate it.

Thanks for the content. 


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thats the sad thing about this, by staying up there, they actually help others, because of how misguided the whole "you kill you get a point" system. instead it should be "you damage an enemy you get a point when it dies", as that makes it so kill stealing ends up helping the team instead of screwing them.

as is, the best way to farm the pearls is by either staying semi afk, or doing solo. worse of all, the absurd amounts of pearls needed to buy everything, as it can get above 6k pears, meaning close to 100 missions needed.

in other words, instead of being just a fun game, it ends up being just another endless grind that will make people get bored with it very quickly.

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