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[Suggestion] Remove visual spam from INTACT SENTIENT COREs during Eidolon hunts


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Every Sentient Core dropped (from the big Eidolon or from the Vomvalysts) persists on the screen, with big text over each one, and it can get really cluttered.

Additionally, the icon for the Core looks similar to a waypoint (in that it's white and similar size). This can get really annoying if you're trying to put a waypoint down, but there's a hundred white icons all over the screen...

During Eidolon hunts, there is already so much visual clutter and the Cores are not used during the fight in any way, so I suggest either changing the way they are shown (smaller icon only on the minimap but not on the main screen), or adding an option in the menu to hide the markers entirely.

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On 2019-08-08 at 3:43 PM, Hawk_of_the_Reborn said:

Don't talk about visual spam "covering" the "Entire" screen until you tried running the Ropalolyst boss mission a few times.

That's more to do with effects and graphics settings and it's something DE try to improve - Eidolon hunts used to be much worse as far as the glare, bloom, blinding effects go..

But unlike rendering / shader tweak, this feels like it could be fixed with a couple of clicks. It's really dumb that the Cores get plastered on the screen like they're the most important objective, yet there are hundreds of them and virtually no one cares about them.

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Agree to this. Some newbies miss picking up eidolon shards because they didn't notice it with all those intact sentient core icons scattered all over their screen.
They can make the icon smaller and different color, something that isn't too prominent like gray or something darker than the waypoint's color.
Or just completely remove the screen icon for intact sentient cores, coz there's very little need for those things if one is already doing eidolons anyway.

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