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A True Shame in Tennogen

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So I had been seeing this picture go around and it truly saddens me.


If this is how DE criticize and judge tennogen works then I wonder how many other amazing skins have gone by just because of this hypocritical judgment. I believe there should be more talk about this issue because it feels a bit unfair for DE to judge on standards they themselves do not follow. 


Like think of this

DE is basically telling this person to have less eye showing when their own design for the alt wisp helmet has the eyes showing. Infact, the tennogen has only four eyes showing while the official has six.


This situation is starting to feel like DE only excepts things they like and not others with such terrible excuses for denying. Perhaps I am wrong but until I see some valid reasons, I will continue to think this. What you guys think about this situation?

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They don't even know what they want...it whose time when didn't want same thing that we now have specially in deluxe skins... and they didn't want dancing animations or wings and in the end we have all that in the game because someone In DE community like all this thing.... And now all they trying to do is copy manga style and not they original concept...

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