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Ideas and Aditions i would like to see for Clans and Dojos


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Keeping this introdution short and expect grammar mistakes,
Clans right now lack in uses and polish, you have a dojo, everyone helps in clan events, and it serves as a better recruiting chat,
But we could've add more things to do as a clan!
Please note that not all of these are perfect / balanced. It's more proof of concept.

Using Spoiler windows to not have a wall of text!

Reworking the old Kingpin System mission scruture:


This one is somewhat confusing, please stick with me, at least understand the type of mechanic im going for:

So, who here remembers how the old kingping for clans was sctutured? Clan needs to do x amount of missions to progress to an ultimate goal.
Now this to me was exciting, the clan working towards something big. 
But it has to be balanced with rewards and have reasons to replay, so this is how i would say it would work:

A month to complete a total of 10 missions (think of it as a month long sortie), first 9 need to be completed x times (depending on Clan level).
They start from lvl 30 and the 9th missions is lvl 100
The 10th works like a boss, Acolyte if you want, the boss should be level 200 and have very very high hp.
This is how it would work, upon unlocking the 10th mission, you can only try to do the boss once every day.
Drops could include one of these:A chunky amount of endo (5k to 10k), kuva (5k), exclusive mods ?, packs of common resources in larger volume (like 10k alloy, 5k poly, etc etc)

 Clan Squad Buffs:


This one is short, DE already spoke about this, but i'm bringing it up again, 
It give us a reason to squad up, and get something hard, or grindy done. Something like +10% drop chance (per clan member), +5% dmg, etc etc 

Clan buffed mission node:


This idea in specific is to help young clans to gather resources faster, and moon clan to ease a bit of the grind.
Imagine this, every week, you can designate a node [No dark sectors] of (rank with permision) to grant a buff for the clan, This mission would have a +20% drop chance and a +20% drop booster, And 20% of total resources would go to the vault.

Now, here's why i would love this. Take polymer, sorta uncommon resource, kinda a pain to farm in small clans and big clans alike.
Say that you buff Ophelia, Uranus. say you get 10k poly there, 2k bonus poly is granted, and sent to your clan vault, and then you can donate the poly you got on top of that, for a total of 12k poly.
While yes, 20% sounds low, it's still a very big boost counting with boosters, cat, nekros.

Clan wide message:


Easy and simple, (rank needed for this)
Sends a message to everyone in the clan, while being restricted to one every week. multiple people can't send multiple clan messages, 

Why? the MOTD is hardly noticed, ralling people to work towards funding, preparing for a clan event, an inner clan event itself is really hard with MOTD, and having a clan message that would pop on login would help greatly to garner atencion for such situations.
Some notes i would say here, If the person is kicked/left the clan, unopened clan messages should be deleted, for server clutter reasons.

A rework on Dojo building tools:



Personal problem more than anything. Also, bigger one.
Destroying / rebuilding rooms, the fact that some rooms can't be built before others, Room capacity + Total Rooms capacity + Energy, boundry box where rooms can't be built even if theres enough space and limit on how many of certain rooms we can have are some of the biggest annoyances on dojo building we have right now.
I will give a Tl:Dr of what those problems are and my solutions to them:

Destroying/Rebuilding rooms: Takes way too long, needless wait timers where everything in the dojo already has wait timers, let us shift around built rooms, while on "sifting" mode, the dojo is normal, after confirming, the dojo reloads, as if a new room is built to reorganize rooms

Rooms that can't be built before others: Halls! WHY DO I NEED A SMALL HALL BEFORE A BIG ONE. Just remove the restriction, it has no place or reason.

Room Cap + Total Room Cap + Energy: This is my most hated one, Thats 3 limiting factors that won't let us expand and decorate dojos, while i understand why, why do we have 3? Heres what i would do, Remove the total room capacity (currently is 100 rooms), remove the capacity requirement for rooms, Scale the energy needed to own rooms above 100 rooms.

Boundry box: There seems to have a boundry box that, if a room clips into it, it says theres insuficient space, Why ? I don't actualy know, i've been hit with it more times that i care to admit. If you really must have one, expand it, since at the moment, its more like a very long rectangle than a square.

Limit on certain rooms: Why can't we have argubly the best rooms in the game be locked at such low amounts, I'm talking about the huge rooms with a lot of space to go wild. Also halls... why can i only have 1 of each hall.... If the Biggest room is too much to handle for fears of too many decorations, ok i can understand, but the halls? I don't, we should be able to build more than just 1 type of hall.


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