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Zoom stat overhaul - sniper mode


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It's clear how the +/-zoom stat should work:

1. +zoom is not a mere modifier to base zoom factor but having a net positive zoom stat provides weapons with an additional zoom level, with the zoom factor on this additional zoom level working the usual way.

2. this additional zoom level provides the weapon with a sniper zoom buff and a sniper combo counter, giving non-snipers a "sniper mode":

- this enables any weapon to gain a maximum of single level of zoom buff (true snipers retain the exclusive feature of progressive levels of zoom buffs); non-snipers which already have adjustable zoom (veldt...) go into sniper mode upon activating their current highest level of zoom, thus also getting a single level of zoom buff, without gaining an additional zoom level.

- current base zoom determines the base strength of the zoom buff which is then modified by +zoom: low base zoom (most weapons) - small buff, high base zoom (seer) - substantial buff. 

- by an automatic evaluation, a single stat is chosen to be augmented by the zoom buff:

> analogously to rubico, weapons with critical damage above a certain threshold (e. g. 2.5) get +critical damage.

> analogously to "old snipers", weapons with critical damage below a certain threshold (e. g. 1.8) get +headshot damage.

> similarly to lanka, weapons with their cd multiplier between those thresholds get +critical chance.

> similarly to komorex, weapons with an AoE primary fire mode get +damage.

- base sniper mode fire rate is normal base fire rate reduced by a certain fixed amount, something like 50%; this is true at riven disposition of 1.0 on a ++ riven, so that further increasing +zoom makes for a bigger reduction in fire rate (more sniper-like), and a lesser +zoom makes for a lesser reduction in fire rate (less sniper-like); this is obviously a balancing factor and a sanity check, but it should be calculated so as to not disturb DPS too much

- sniper mode combo counter and decay are automatically derived from base sniper mode fire rate, with high fire rate accounting for a great many shots needed to even get to 2.0x base damage (sniper mode grakata: hundreds of consecutive hits, terribly short decay), and low fire rate being much better in this regard (the rather slow firing sniper mode grinlok needs maybe a dozen hits to get to 2.0x, while having a fairly long decay); this calculation is unaffected by the value of +zoom, and increasing fire rate with mods also does nothing to it

- auto weapons retain their auto fire, but weapons with variable fire (stradavar, tiberon ...) are set to automatically use only their semi mode in sniper mode (e.g. stradavar semi stats are used in sniper mode - the low semi fire rate as well, which then also gets converted to an even lower base sniper mode fire rate); argonak uses semi by virtue of it's existing mechanics; beam weapons and projectile weapons work normally; bows start resembling lanka i guess; pure burst weapons fire their normal bursts in sniper mode; odd alt fire modes like quanta's cubes aren't used in sniper mode; common sense applies elsewhere

3. +zoom on true snipers simply increases their existing zoom buffs (on all zoom buff levels) with no further changes

4. a net negative zoom works like current negative zoom


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