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QoL changes for the Incubator Menu and imprint Search When Trading. Plus a few minor additions.


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Right now, and this was added semi recently and very appreciated, you can search for imprints by name. This is a lot better than having no search criteria the way it used to be, However, I find myself having to sift through a mountain of imprints since I have a ton and regularly sell fodder on warframe.market.


I'd like to see search criteria for breed, build, and, (for Kubrow,) fur pattern. I am not sure if that is an easy thing, but if it can be done with a reasonable amount of effort, it would really really help breeders. Preferably for the incubator genetic imprint search, stasis, and trading.


A few other things:

The Sloughi and Amphatz Kubrow armors clip heavily, (to the point they are pretty much unusable,) on bulky Kubrow. It's weird because it's like this regular build was completely overlooked when designing the armor types. It's very frustrating. Only athletic Kubrow work with it, (tbf I haven't attempted to put it on skinny ones.)


Imprints for Helminth Chargers would be nice, just a suggestion. I'd at least like to be able to rebreed my own until they are super tall.


A way to link imprints in game chat, so it's possible to more easily sell your good stuff.


I know pets 2.0 is being done gradually, so maybe these options could be part of that roll out at some point.


Lastly, please make the Atrox skin available again. It was around for one event, and it hasn't been an option since, when so many other things have cycled through again. It sucks not being able to have all the fur patterns and I would happily pay plat for it.

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