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Resources Balance Suggestion


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TL;DR version:
Could we scale resources to build/time to build items in the foundry be scaled to mastery levels and/or time spent in game and/or total experiences gotten?


Could we, similar to arid fear, make all updates be player driven? (of course, to make sure the things the devs at DE worked on doesn't go to waste, we could release the content in pieces just to bait us)






Full version:
     With the launch of update 10 (and at the time of typing, 10.1.0) I've noticed a lot of people complaining about the resource grind both in the game chats, and in the wiki. Although these were valid complaints, given that for players that have been playing warframe for long periods of time, the resource grind to access the new things is quite...annoying to say the least, I still feel what the people at DE did a good job in staggering out the content access for newer players.
    Having said that, I feel there could be a method to bridge the developer's point of view of catering to the new players, and the "veteran" players' point of view to access the new content without too tedious of a grind. (yes I realize grinding is a way for a game to retain its replayability but I still don't like spending hours on end relying on the RNGesus to smile upon us puny tennos). I suggest a method of having production costs and/or time to finish constructing things from the foundry be scaled on the player's mastery level/time spent in game/total experiences gained from all the things they used. Not only does this benefit the veteran players by reducing the amount of time it takes for them to access the new content, it also serves as a limiter to better pace the new players. This method also fits with the lore given that each player's foundry is their own...well, foundry, it would make sense for them to become more familiar with the working of said foundry to begin with. 
     On the flip side, this system, while giving veteran players access to the new contents that require construction at a faster rate, it would also indirectly shave the replayability of warframe from the veteran players. However, this issue should not pose too much of a threat from both the time/effort/money the veteran players invested, and from the fact that veteran players taking a "extended vacation" from any games in general be...well, quite common. In case of events similar to arid fear, where items must be constructed in order to participate in the event, the items specific to the event would be exempt from the reduction of resources/reduction of time to construction to ensure a balance between the vets and the newer players.
     One other method to tackle this problem is for all updates (the bug fixing updates should be implemented asap still, this method applies for updates that pushes new content) in the future to be similar to arid fear (which, unfortunately, I didn't get to participate in...but I heard it's a lot of fun). The two-fold benefit: one, the veteran players can actually have a chance to accumulate the resources necessary without it turning too much into a grind; two, it would give the newer players a chance to feel like they're contributing to the lore and the warframe universe. 
     Granted, not every event similar to arid fear may be successful. In the event that the player base fails to meet the requirement to "unlock" new updates, in order for the hours, tears, and sweat of the devs to not be wasted, whatever the new updates' content would be, it could be implemented bit by bit, to, for one, better fit the lore, and for two, allow the player base to have the time it needs to accumulate the necessary components or whatnot.
     What I mentioned above is something I thought of through my personal experience, I am not a professional developer, but I genuinely would love to see this game grow, and like I said, what I wrote above is my two cents regarding how to better implement updates without setting waves of backlash at the devs (which are all wonderful [?] people for continuing to develop more awesome content for me to sink hours that I'm suppose to be doing homework with into warframe...). Keep up the good work DE, although it might seem like it at times, I think every active player is thankful for all of the wonderful stuff y'all been implementing, and hopefully this post can be helpful to the continued survival of warframe.



P.S. for the love of lotus, implement more/new lore stuff! I wanna know the backstory to warframe! 

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