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Enveloping Cloud and a possible Defy augment?


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Hello Tenno,


Can we change the Enveloping Cloud augment mod to something else? The ability got reworked, so the way the augments works fits the old way Cloud Walker works and not the new one.

IMO, the way it cloak and breaks only benefits stationary frames that will be spamming powers and not doing anything else, which is really a small niche and not a fun/healthy one.

As a side note, Defy could use an augment too, maybe something team oriented? Pretty sure there's a lot of good ideas for a reworked EC augment and a new Defy augment.

reference: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Enveloping_Cloud


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Well, the duration of the augment is still 14s. The augment still works fine and would not require Wukong to spam it. Additionally, this augment was not meant to keep your whole team invisible indefinitely. It's just for certain situations. However, I'm not oppose to something more useful than this. 

Defy augment could be like  Guardian Derision  or Electromagnetic Shielding. It either taunts or absorbs damage from Allies.

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