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Sort by usage now sorts by name instead


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Today I go to change my frame on my leveling loadout after mastering Nekros Prime and notice that unlike yesterday, my list is sorted by name. I then changed through the sort types, forma count, lens and rank worked, and of course sort by name, but usage does not. It just sorts by name now. I checked other slots and this also affects primary, secondary, melee, companions. Basically, the sort option by 'usage' is broken entirely within the arsenal. I have not checked profile equipment tab yet.

I have screenshots but can't post them without hopping on my PC. Nintendo have us post screenshots via social media but then don't have a way to view those sites. I miss miiverse 😞


update: This hasn't fixed itself with a relog or returning to orbiter, profile is not affected. There is also a report of this behaviour just happening today to a PC player, which suggests it was broken in the hotfix and affects all platforms.

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