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Gridlock- the hacker warframe with an exalted sentinel


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NOTE: I am not a game developer, feel free to call me out if any of this seems stupid, OP, or weird. Constructive criticism is encouraged.

now, on with the show.


cosmetic design- open trench coat, with single wide stripes going from front bottom corners and meeting in a point behind the neck, with a small diagonal bend near the bottom. Coat collar either turned down or very small turned up, and holographic screen interfaces that deploy when abilities are activated. Baseball cap probably as an alt helmet due to it being too out of place for a stock skin.


health/armor/shield/speed-- all pretty standard, but with a strong shield/weak armor and health


passive-Gridlock gains 5 extra seconds on all ciphers and has better chances of getting easier ciphers.


1st ability-Scramble

-25 energy

Gridlock sends out an EMP pulse directly ahead, temporarily disabling robots and crippling prosthetics, Nox suits, and Hellion jetpacks. Other enemies suffer knockback (similar to operators void blast), and bursas, ambulases, and tusk thumpers suffer 25% damage reduction.


2nd ability-Remote Reconnaissance

-50 energy

Gridlock deploys Lockdown, his exalted sentinel, and assumes direct control of the sentinel. the camera shifts to Lockdown's perspective and the player can pilot Lockdown freely. Lockdown can hack terminals, attack with a weak taser, and slip between Corpus lasers. The ability lasts until Lockdown is recalled by repressing the button or when Lockdown is destroyed. Lockdown also has a reduced detection radii, so enemies have a harder time spotting it.


3rd ability-Overclock

-energy drain

Tap to summon Lockdown, Gridlock's exalted sentinel. Lockdown will automatically target enemies with its burst laser, or will preform a sustained beam along Gridlock's gun sights if the button is held. the sustained beam increases the energy drain rate.


4th ability-Hack the Planet

-100 energy

Gridlock Sends out a massive AOE that does the same effects as Scramble but with double the strength, While Lockdown zips around, converting robotic units, hacking the alarms if a terminal is in range, and unlocking doors.




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