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More Sub-Groups In Contacts List


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I would love to see more sub-groups in the contacts list. Right now we can only filter our online and offline friends/clan mates. Here are my suggestions. 


Friends list

1) Allow us to customise and add our own groups for friends list.

For example, sometimes I add a stranger from recruiting chat for void runs and we will need each other only for void runs, so I would create a group called 'Friends with benefits'. 


Just kidding. But it is useful with groups like, 'Insert country here' for friends who are in the same country for less lag, 'Insert clan name here', 'Insert allied clan name here', etc. 


Clan list

1) Add groups to filter by clan ranks, Warlords, Generals, Officers... Initiate.


When a new member joins the clan, he might not know who are the leaders and scrolling through the clan list would be tedious (esp for clans with 1000 people). 


2) Again, customisable.


Warlords can have the rights to make groups like 'Squad 1', 'Squad 2' and stuffs, for more organised and coordinated gameplay. 


This will make the contacts list more organised and convenient. Thank you. 

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