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Djinn Questions For De ( Since I'm Not Privileged To Access Original Topic)


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I  have had the Djinn for a day now  its almost maxed (eg almost has all my maxed mods)

i have a few questions for the DE if they would humor me for a bit


why does his  poison dart weapon lack the poisoning factor.

was that ever your intention to add poisoning effect similar to the acrid

or just copy the description and not the effect


why is his fire rate so slow it say 5.3 with fire rate mode equiped the fire rate acts like 

the un-moded burst lasor


will the Djinn ever get better special abilities Matching how cool he looks as the special abilities are abismal in effect and Not very Combat sentinel "EE" like 


to be honest I really want to like this sentinel but at the moment im fealing cheated that this sentinel is a bit of  a let down for the cost and time required.


Until they  upgrade this sentinel it sure looks cool But I do not recommend you waste mat's on it at the moment


everyone else is welcome to comment this is after  my opinions based on direct observations.  im not asking for any BUffs or Nerfs just questions to be answered by an Admin if possible...

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I have the djinn at rank 24ish now and his weapon maxed


the gun fires at decent range, for example in the extract room it will fire at enemies in tube as soon as you can see them, even behind the fan. the damage is nothing great, have maxed split chamber and about rank 10 serration in it and its potatoed, it works but its nothing special and I wont even comment on the terrible accuracy, ok, its a poor acrid copy, a dart with travel time and poor accuracy, ive had chargers attacking my rhino and it takes 3-4 seconds to hit them, not kill, well ok kill it was lowest level infested mission, but at that range it should be able to hit faster


the djinn abilities, well, the basic fire mod is bog standard, it lets him fire at fairly distant enemies but that's all it needs to do, fatal attraction, well this is the one im not sure off, people have speculated that it was gona pull things towards you, it doesn't, so we are assuming it pulls aggro now, personally, I cant see it, running mag prime and using this sentinel doesn't see me getting attacked anymore than I would with the carrier



it was an interesting possibility, but for the massive work and cost of the sentinel, in my opinion unless you really want the weapon, its not worth it at the moment, the non health shields mods are insanely rare, ive got 1 bar mod for sentinels, spare parts, and my sentinel doesn't die, so that's useless, guardian and sanctuary are about the only useful ones to use, and what polarity are they? defence, so the bar polarity slot isn't much use there

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My initial though about Djinn was yeah nice i get mobs pulled to me maybe even from cover this is perfect for Grineer or Corpus.

Finished building and got all excited it even has a poison type rifle perfect maybe it will scale to endgame.

First mission with him was a kappa run where he died within the first ~5 seconds of combat.

Well maybe it is just because this i Kappa and he is still unranked i did not think much of it so i leveled him vs Infested to rank 30.

Then again now with shield health mods and all the good stuff in there i tried it again this time in Kiste.

He died instantly, i know what you are thinking you mean ah sure he survived a few seconds is what that means.

NO First enemies appear and he just explodes the same instant.


Djinn is way to big sure he looks nice but he is so huge he just gives to much target surface to ranged enemies making him go boom not only from the shots that where aimed at him but also from all the ones that missed me and hit him just by luck.


Please reduce his size to half.


For his Gun it is a minor upgrade to the Burst Laser and Laser Rifle and sure it is more useful against high level enemies than for example the  Deth Machine Rifle but it still does less damage than the Sweeper if modded right. 


It needs higher base damage or way higher fire rate.


In the end i still wish i could just use my trusty little companion cube with the Vacuum ability and Djinn will probably still just stay a quite expensive disappointment. 

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