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A simple idea for Dog Day

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Hey ^.^ 

we all know that the afk players in dog day were making the event a little sad.

Now with the points for kills its a little better but now there is a problem with kill steal.

I have 2 ideas to make the dog day a little more fun for the next time.

1- Having points for assist 1/2( or 0.5 ) pearl per assist . So if someone takes the kill its less annoying since instead of getting nothing you get a point every 2 kill you missed ( rounded up at the end )

2- Garesh dear old Garesh ! You know the oddjob of Dog day ? Make him the golden snitch of dog day this guy should worth 5 pearl ! ( no for real i hate oddjob ... i mean Garesh )

Thanks for your time tenno ^.^ 

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