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Cannot leave menus in the Orbiter


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I can't exit menus in the orbiter. The Exit button is gone and the Esc key does not do anything. I can still exit menus by exiting the game and re-logging in. I tested what i could, but I know I dont have all the features on the Orbiter unlocked. All the ones that do work, there is no Exit button, but the Exc key does work. Im not sure if this is an intended feature, but thats what I found. When I tested the Radio/Nightwave menu, not only was the Exit button missing and the Esc key not functioning, the Credit Offerings and Cinematic viewer were also missing


Navigation: Bugged

Codex: Works

Market: Works

Conclave: Bugged

News: Bugged(NOTE: The Exit button is missing and the Esc key doesn't function, but clicking on a link will eject you from the menu)

Syndicates: Bugged

Forge: Bugged

Mods: Works

Incubator: Bugged

Arsenal: Works

Focus: Bugged





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