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Allow apostrophes to be used when naming weapons


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I'll keep it short and sweet - it's a small matter;

While using the weapon / companion naming feature in the game, you're restricted to the specific special characters available (which is fair, for some symbols and what-not).

However, I was surprised when I first encountered that you could not use apostrophes.

Symbols such as the ampersand (&) and the hyphen (-) can be used without trouble, but I cannot make proper possessive nouns without the apostrophe (').

I receive the following error message:


While it is incredibly minor that I can't name my weapons "TehGrief's Kitgun", or something more elaborate like "DE's Patience & Understanding", I believe this is a change that should still be considered. 

> Additionally, it should be noted that you can use apostrophes (') when naming load-out slots in your arsenal. 

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