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Need help on Profit taker


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The fourth mission:

This is the actual fight against the Profit Taker. 
It has three different spawns upon entering the Vallis: 

You need to watch out at Spawn#1 to not fall into the River or else you will respawn and your abilities are disabled. Both spawns #2 and #3 don't have water in the vicinity. Spawn#3 on the other has these fungi where one the phases can be a little annoying.
  • The first phase of the fight is like the third mission. You need to damage the shields by dealing the type of damage which is displayed on its head.
  • The second phase requires you to equip your Archgun and destroy its 4 legs. Watch out, that certain actions of the Spider will restore legs! After all 4 legs are destroyed it will collapse and you can damage its body until a theshold is reached.
  • In the third phase the Spider will send out pillars to shield it. You need to destroy them and then repeat Phases 1 and 2 until it is dead.


8 minutes ago, Sir-Prize said:

Like what kind of things do I bring  (i.e. Warframe and weapons)?

Mostly up to you and the one you keep alive with. As for weapons: as many different damage types as possible if going solo. If you haven't understood the mechanic introduced in Mission 3, here's a Recap:

The Orb will display the weakness to its shields on its forehead and will change under three conditions:
  1. Deal enough damage and hit the threshold
  2. Hit the forehead with your Amp. This has a cooldown of about 10 seconds until you can change it again
  3. Just wait about 30+ seconds and the weakness will change on its own


You have to deal damage to its regenerating shields until the gauge on the left hits 100% then head back to Fortuna. 

8 minutes ago, Sir-Prize said:

Is there weapons that be the most useful to this mission? 

Many. But like frames, each their own. I am comfortable with Tigris Prime, Tombfinger and Secura Lecta. Tigris and Tombfinger cover some elements to damage its shields and the Lecta is for clearing the area so enemies don't overwhelm me. As for Archgun I use a Imperator Vandal. My go to Frame is Fire Chroma for his damage buff and suffiencent Health Pool. You can also use Toxic Chroma for sped up Weapon Holster or Cold Chroma for more Armor

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Most say take a lot of damage types. I say take your best gun and use your operator to change the shields.

what this means is when the shields are only weak to a damage you don’t have, use your operators Amp to change the shields to be weak to a different damage type.

this way you can equip the most powerful set up you have. 


2ed thing I would do would be play with randoms as more then likely some ones going to be able to solo it for you. If not extra people extra damage. 

Step 3 profit.

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Profit Taker has a Gimmick where it's shields can only be damaged by specific damage types.

On its face, there is a glowing green image showing what its weakness CURRENTLY is.

If you see a Radiation Symbol, you must hit it with Radiation Damaged. If its a Puncture Symbol, you must hit it with Puncture Weapons. So it can be ANY of the Elemental Damage types or Physical ones. Bring a diversifyed build and hard hitting weapons.

Be advised: it changes after a certian damage threshold OR by using Void Damage on it.


Just follow the instructions of Eudico, Little Duck and Biz.

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