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Switching to operator removes any invulnerability

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Switching to operator and back removes any kind of invulnerability effect on the warframe.

Best visible with Wukong's Cosmic Armor(passive). 30 seconds buff icon is displayed, switching in and out of operator makes the warframe's health/shield vulnerble again(colored) while the buff icon keeps counting down.

Same applies all other types of invulnerability.

-Rolling guard - you can see the cooldown activating around a second later.

-Hildryn passive

-Wisp's recast on her 2nd skill.

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2 minutes ago, [DE]Tweep said:

Thanks for the report Tenno! We are aware of the issue and are currently looking into fixes.

Sorry, i saw a couple of people reporting it indirectly, but nowhere reporting it in detail. Looking forward to the fixes. You're awesome!!!

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On 2019-08-09 at 2:29 PM, [DE]Tweep said:

Thanks for the report Tenno! We are aware of the issue and are currently looking into fixes.

But in terms of realism for warframe enemies and operators to have any sort of challenge, they should be faced with the threat of hi-jacking and disruptions when the players abandon their mote, unless some camuflage and new vfx are added to support and cover, some ideas are blinding light and dismount passive traits, machinegun fire, or that the player looses their robotic but gains extra life and down options like a zephir wind, or punch aoe, but this stuff is all cosmetic and could be added after the railjack with thicker rains and other map remakes IMO which can keep the game somewhat interesting. I really like exploring all the maps and fighting so each tileset and mission type lately has been enhanced with assasins and nightwave, but am thinking more soft and generic fixes like opening up the reset and highpoint areas (jumping into a lake, flying too far or high, falling level design) so players dont just get blocked off from exploring fancy skydunes, just making more caves and zones avaliable, new music and other distractions or new enemy types to keep replay high while all this crap is happening per rugby, have a coffee. interesting!!!

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