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Augment Tweaks: Hotfix 25.6.2

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On 2019-08-09 at 8:47 PM, [DE]Rebecca said:
  • Fixed low-resolution textures on the Two-Handed Nikana Maligna Skin.

Are you sure that this are the final textures? Still looks quite unfinished and ful with pixels....


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20 hours ago, fr4gb4ll said:

ah... ok... that's some good information. so the other weapons doesn't have this behaviour and since the rubico isn't likely hitting an invisible weakspot by accident all the time i guess my little theory isn't holding too good... though it might depend on the timeframe this is happening - like i said above, i never saw this done 'that' fast (best might be a few seconds after the bugger starts walking, and then usually only with the first eidolon which is rather weak in puncto shield).

the main difference between the lanka and rubico is the travle time of the 'projectile' - or in short: the rubico is hitscan, the lanka not... so maybe this little travle time is what makes all the different in hitting IF (and thats again a rather big if) the animation of the eidolon and the 'real' hitable one are not exactly coherent in their positions - that's something a dev could tell us if they read this ^^)   in this case, it might be that the animation is still a tad independend of the the real one or, that the hitbox(es) around it will change during the rise-animation (i never bothered coding animation myself, but i know of many games that uses such methods as shortcuts in coding or for other reasons, so it's not totally unheard of).


11 hours ago, xyshift said:

Your theory is pretty good. It could be taking the projectile too long to get to where it needs to be, and hitscan may be the only way to hit that spot during that particular animation.

Also thanks to @RealHoneyBadger for a more informative reply than I left.

Rubico is preferred because of this reason, but Lanka is still popular because it can hit so hard. If you're not running 5x3's or trying for a 6x3, a Lanka is perfectly serviceable and the inability to break the water-limb won't be that big of a deal. 

I am a little cranky that I didn't know this about the Lanka until after I forma'd mine out, spent kuva on the riven, etc. but maybe DE can fix it soon so that all snipers can hit it. Hopefully then, the only reason to use one over the other would be personal preference.

Probably this bug report (with video links) will clear the air a bit on the bug. It was last reported on April, but till now haven't seen any reply from the devs on this issue. It's frustrating as this sort of matter prevents the lanka to be on par for tridolon 4x3 + speedruns, effectively making the rubico the only usable sniper for that purpose. Well, we could only hope that DE fixes it soon. It's incredibly frustrating, especially for people who invested time, forma and rivens only to find out that this bug is preventing them from getting the best out of the weapon.


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Thanks for making the Loadout screen looking much nicer and easier to select.

But I want to know if it is possible to add an option to change the loadout settings (A, B, C).

For example, I have a Limbo with one setting called "Small bubble" the second "Big bubble" and a third "Tank/Run".

Just seeing these names in the loadout screen would be great, but seeing the stats like "Armor, Health, Shield, Strength, Range, etc" would be perfect, because I can see if there's something wrong with my mods before entering a mission, like when I sell a mod or upgrade a mod and it is automatically unequipped from another config.

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So, it's either the last day of Dog Days, or after depending upon when this is read.  Let's cover some feedback.


Functionally 9 days for the event.  No lead-up.  No notification.  Three days of which you were maxed out at 50 pearls for 5 minutes.  This is a fundamentally broken release, that is trying desperately to cover the lack of any substantial content for months.  No, the additional of the Ropalolyst, Wisp, and a game mode aren't substantial content.  I say they aren't substantial because the Jupiter rework comes with more bugs than fixes, and is turning clear and simple level design into frustrating mazes with broken features.


Back from the tangent.  Let's look at the game mode as it stands today.

1) Each water shot seems to be a projectile with calculated velocity, arc, and variable damage.  This means people hosting from a potato computer can drastically change how the game works.

2) Deaths don't count.  It's better to rush into a group of enemies and kill one every 20 seconds, rather than hunt down one and kill every 30 seconds without dying.

3) The team organization does nothing to benefit people, beyond spawning more enemies.

4) More enemies are cheaper, instead of a fair challenge.  If you watch, they group up and mob.  With everyone functionally doing the same damage, and no powers, mob>skills.

5) What exactly is the point of pumping?  It seems like an increase to initial velocity, allowing for a greater arc.  The problem is it's middle fire, seems to drain inconsistently, and doesn't provide a constant bonus for the launcher mechanics.



Let's brainstorm how to fix this.

1) Reward pearls have to be rewarded for kills and penalized for deaths.  1:1 would mean that a win would reward at least 51 pearls, and in some of the matches I've been in 186 pearls or more.  That's a bit too bit of a swing.  Let's do a 1:1, halve the value, and round up.  Mathematically: (Kills-Deaths)/2 rounded up.  This rewards performance, penalizes death, and makes a team functionally a team rather than a festival of trying to steal the kills at the end.

2) Let us build our own gun.  Change the base from a launcher to a stream, and have it function like a beam weapon.  Challenges 1-3 will drop soaker part blueprints (tank, pump, nozzle), with a 20-10-5 percentage split for every 10 kills (as in 20-20-20-10-10-10-5-5 split).  The 20s will be a standard tank, pump, and nozzle.  The 10s will be nozzles to go shotgun or launcher, and a higher capacity tank.  The final 5% drops will be a sniper style nozzle and a pump generating more pressure.  This gives us a choice of weapons, and a reason to keep grinding those lower level missions.

3) Enemy AI is pretty much a mess, especially with a poor host.  I've seen them teleport around the arena, swarm players, and tank a dozen hits without ever looking at who is shooting them.  Maybe this is a function of the AI trying to figure out launchers, but I'm only guessing.  Either way, a second pass at the AI needs to be considered.

4) Nakak is a band-aid.  It seems like she gets everything that you don't have anyone else for.  Plague Star, Revenant, Dog Days, etc...  There's probably a programming reason or a voice acting reason, but it's pretty goofy.  You know, there's an area right across from Baro that would serve the same value on the relays.  Likewise, introducing another character would allow for greater story possibilities.  We don't need another Lotus, where the interesting bits of space mom were contradicted by retcons and now the community largely wants to see her pulped.  

5) Maybe release some content?  Hold on a second here, I know the reaction but hear me out.  Make the Soaker a gun.  Give it a Chroma style set of powers varying with scheme.  Blue = water (shorts corpus electronics), green = acid (armor strip), red = incindiary fluid of choice, and black/white = adhesive (enemies stuck in-place and functionally rag-dolled for a short period of time).  Same parts rule as above.  Soaker is a secondary.  No/small damage, but a true utility choice.  It'd be like if the stug wasn't a poor Unreal rip-off.  



This event was so close to good, but didn't cross the line.  Hopefully the next run (presumably in 355ish days) will be much better.  Again, I'm disappointed because you gave us a D or C grade event, when we know you can give us A or B. 

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22 hours ago, KRISH976 said:

Good evening, I would like to understand why I am banned and why I can not open another account please

You might wanna contact support for that. This is not the place to get help with being banned. There is a 100% chance that no one from DE will see this here. 

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Not sure if that happen after this particular Hotfix but:

When playing with Wukong Prime, equipped with Celestial Stomp argument, Ferrox, Mara Detron and Glided Zaw(Ekwana II Jai, Dokrahm and Plague Bokwin), my Twin behaved incorrectly that is:
- When I throw Ferrox and for rest of time use only mele, my Twin use mele too.

When after throwing Ferrox, Detron is used (need to shoot one time atleast), and then start to use mele, Twin use secondary correctly.

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On 2019-08-09 at 11:47 AM, [DE]Rebecca said:
  • Fixed various hitbox issues, including those in the Lua Cunning Test, Lua spy vault, and the windmill in the Plains of Eidolon. This fixed progression stoppers in the Second Dream.

Does this mean you fixed that problem where players can get trapped in the speed test and unable to escape after the doors come down and there's no way to open them again? Had to alt+F4 because of that recently.

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Not sure if this has been mentioned, but I just get out of yet another Arbitration where we see Arbi Drones until Squaddies drop.  Half my squad was down around 20min into Survival.  After not seeing a SINGLE Arbi Drone in the next 10 entire minutes, the other Living WF & I went to Extract.  My Squaddie saw a single Arbi drone as we were on our way to Extraction at 31minutes, but I STILL hadn't seen one since before Rotation 2 was even over.

Obviously there is something wrong w/ Arbi Drone Spawns.  I'm surprisingly really enjoying the heck out of them, but not so much since this started happening.

Please Fix Arbi Drone spawns ASAP so we can continue to enjoy this Mode.


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