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Fps Drop Since Most Recent Patches


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has anyone else experienced a frame per second drop recently ?

sometimes, its almost unplayable


was silky smooth before and no changes to any other game/programs performance on ones system



also do nekros's minions cause anyone a fps drop similar almost to pre-nerf saryn venom?

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I have never had that problem.  runs smooth for me.

all depends on the specs of the PC. and if you are hooked to a poor Host connection.

might be the host... Cause I usually just let someone else host it since my hosting can sometimes be slow...

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A number of rooms in the Void and Derelicts have a lot of visual noise that my laptop honestly can't handle that well, especially the ones with lots of wood textures like Derelict tunnels or that hall in the Void with 4 staircases.


Luckily I have no problem with fps in J2k's boss room so I'll take that bit of relief.

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