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Bugged Indicator/No enemies spy elimination


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Issue: Indicator is bugged but I'm sure most people have already complained about that (It doesn't always point you to where you need to go and your eventually forced to move back around). My main Issue here is that in the FORCED elimination mission that occured to me in Pluto Spy Mission - Oceanum had a bug where enemies weren't spawning. I've heard that there was an increased spawn of enemies but I travelled the whole map (and yes to extraction) but none spawned. https://gyazo.com/2c2574033fd3a5c868b851a82349073a <Image of the issue. The indicator also pointed at an enemy that didn't even exist on the map (I ran there and it was out of bounds which I could also tell from looking). 

Just remove the damned forced elimination feature from spy and capture missions, it's #*!%ed the game and enjoyment of the game especially since you get no rewards from completing it

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