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Wukong Deluxe Syadana/Skin


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Hey so earlier I made a post about Wukong deluxe, and while I like that the skin itself has been fixed, the issues with the syadana have not yet, so I'm going to post it again as a different topic in hopes that it gets the same eyes as before.

original post 



basically the color channels don't line up with the skin

to fix:
move them all "up" 

primary on the syadana should be secondary
secondary should be tertiary
tertiary should be primary

Red is primary, blue secondary, pink tertiary, yellow accents, white energy. Only the accents match up.




The whip skin has the same issues as the syadana where none of it makes any sense with the skin (except the metallic accents)

And as a personal complaint about it, I WOULD really like a rocky meteor like flail type of skin for a whip, unfortunately this isn't that. It's a plastic body with the head of metallics, would be so much better as the same rocky lava thing going on with the deluxe skin.


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