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Bomber Warframe Idea?


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its something i have been thinking about, personally i like the idea of a bomber or demolition warframe. i didnt try to hammer out exact stats and everything but id imagine he would have low health and high sheilds and armor but not as high as Rhino or Frosts. his skills would pretain to bombs, or different types of bombs.


1: Molotov: basically he would throw a Molotov a distance away from him, an initial explosion would damage any enemies near it, setting enemies and the ground on fire for a short time in a small radius.


2 Flash Bomb/Smoke Grenade: didnt know which one i liked better but the initial effect would be to stun and or blind enemies for a short period of time allowing escape from a dire situation


3 Sticky mine: a bomb that the frame could place on an enemy, surface/wall, or player, after a short time period the bomb would explode dealing high amounts of damage to enemies, (obviously not players tho) it would be great for crowd control


4 Nuclear strike: the frame tosses a Mini nuke, devistating enemies in a massive radius.


the fourth skill i thought up i belived could use some tweaking and or different ideas to pretain to him a little better, but thats the gist of it. i thought a bomber warframe would be an awesome addition.

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Nice thoughts there Shock. I recall someone on live stream saying they didn't want to bring grenades into the game and have tenno running around lobbing them here and there. But a specific frame like you suggested may well work. 


Like the Molotov skill idea, the flash bomb/smoke bombs suits the theme but think it might be a re-hash of ASH's smoke bomb or Excaliburs Radial blind. So hmmm not sure.

Your Sticky mine is great. could be quite tactical, could be altered to actually be thrown to stick, that way could be thrown at an enemy while they/you are on the run. Plus gives you a better distance than having to actually place the charge. another idea is either have it set timed before detonation or maybe a repeat press of that skill's button could cause it to detonate? food for thought.

Nuclear strike.......that's just bad &#!.......i like it


anyway, good job coming up and putting your idea fwd. 


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yeah the flash bomb or smoke bomb seemed a  re hash to me as well. i just figured something that would stun them, mainly for use of the sticky bomb. i had trouble thinking up that one honestly, i origonally wanted it so you could place up to three of them down and detonate them at will but that would have taken up another skill slot to detonate, or you would have no choice but to place three and detonate and it then seemed like more trouble than it was worth. what if the sticky bomb needed to be shot in order to detonate? like a small amount of dmg would set it off?  that way you could stick it to enemies and throw a molotov or shoot the bomb and set off a chain reaction?  the sticky was one of my fave skill ideas for this frame but at the same time the most difficult as far as functionality.

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yeah i think its a good idea, but your right the finer points would need work to make sure it was balanced and viable in game. 


your options so far 

1) single throw/place charge, detonated by the second press of that skills power button.


2) place as many charges as your energy will allow and detonation will occur with damage to the charge, 


#1 would be faster and easier, but #2 would be more tactical and devastating if multiple charges were placed. say on a def or mob def.

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