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A much-needed buff for Xiphos


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For a long time, I've been a fan of the Xiphos' turret function, but after getting on an arbitration and seeing that the turret does not scale, I was highly disappointed. 

That's why I have a suggestion. Instead of having level 30 turrets all the time, why not make it scale with the enemy? The specters already scale, and they are a really big help during Defense and Survival missions, so why not do the same for the turret? The 10 minute cooldown is long enough, so having it scale with the enemy level should make it worth the effort to farm.

I sincerely hope I got my point across. Thank you for hearing me out.

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At least the turret can do damage. Try the Scimitar’s Carpet Bombs. You target somewhere, the enemies move and then 30 damage explosions appear.

  • DE really needs to have another look at the functions the ships have. They just need buffs.

Allowing the Turret to scale is something I agree with.

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