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Contagion Cloud = toxin damage but no proc?


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Hey DE,

Is this by design?  Just tested this in the simulacrum and it appears to be doing damage but no proc.

Also, seems like the cloud should actually proc gas.... since, you know, it's gas. Toxic Lash already does toxin so this should be a gas proc.

It's never going to compete with with a straight spore power build so why not revert the range/damage boost and use this augment to synergize with Condition Overload melee builds by applying a guaranteed status effect over a longer duration??

I could see giving up some spore power or range for that (in it's current state.... no).

Contagion Cloud - Toxic Lash Augment - Saryn

  • Allow gas cloud to activate when enemy is killed by DOT
  • Increased cloud duration to 18 seconds
  • Guaranteed gas proc with 2x status effect duration
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