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Looking for a book I read a while back...


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And can't remember the title.

The main character's power is called the 'nemesis gene' which gives him the ability to copy, steal or just turn off other superpowers as long as he's within range.

There are several hilarious scenes with the stereotypical Chinese tailor/drycleaner who makes super suits.

His best friend/roommate is a genius computer hacker who we find out at the end of the book is a villain called 'mean streak'.

He becomes the boyfriend of two superheroines. One is a vampire type that drains lifeforce through touch, controls shadows, and is immortal due to nanites. The other is a flying brick that due to her invulnerability can't 'feel', so she picks fights with incredibly powerful villains like mean streak because it was the closest thing to a hug or gentle touch she could find. Yeah that's a bit sad.

The final villain of the book also has the nemesis gene.


There was also a sequel. But I remember less about that one.


Since this is the off-topic section, and millions of people play Warframe, I figured someone would probably be able to point me in the right direction. Please help me out.

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