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Mecha Mod Set's Multiplayer Issues


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I just recently aquired and tested the Mecha mod set for my Kubrow and Wukong, and I enjoyed it very much. There was just one issue when I was running Hydron, and that was I could not aqcuire the armor buff when another player killed the marked target. when running with warframes that can deal damage to a vast group of enemies, I am unable to pinpoint and kill the marked target before they die, preventing me from getting the buff. In my opinion, there are 2 ways to resolve this issue. firstly, properly highlighting the marked enemy in a colour similar viewing one with a codex scanner, but constant, and through walls. This would give me a chance to kill the target before the others. The other option would just to provide the armor buff when the target dies, rather than specifically from you, allowing me to benefit from the armor buff even if I do not land the last blow.

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