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Speargun melee thread - stargate fan here


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This is a thread to all stargate sg1 warframe fans .

I really hope we can get enough votes for the guys at DE to take notice and maybe ,just maybe ,implement it one day.

The idea:

If a speargun ( Ferrox, Javlok, Scourge) is set as primary and NO melee weapon is equipped then a melee version of the speargun is equipped (like garuda's claws).

Said speargun would either use a staff or polearm stance and maybe later a speargun stance .

If speargun melee stances are created, they should shoot at the end of the combo maybe ? 

Note: the downside (totally acceptable in my opinion) would be no riven mods can be created for the melee use.

Ur opinion people ?




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I love that idea. And actually give it a second mod load out that only shows up for when it's equipped as a melee. But riven still carries over. But of course only relevant stats carry over, damage, elemental damage, crit and status modifiers etc. So multi-shot wouldn't.. unless it was calculated as multi-hit? I'd be ok with that.

I love my staff primary weapons, but i just never seem to fit them in my META.

Also... When aiming we should bring the weapon higher. :D like this. I think that'd be neat.


PS.. We need a way to keep certain staff thrown weapons out longer, status duration maybe? Or magazine capacity?

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