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The Elusive Whirlwind [Glaive Mod], Where Did You Find It?



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The glaive became fun and useful again now that Power Throw (puncture) is in the game. We all know the glaive has a decent charge damage, now with puncture, you can hit the same enemy on the way out and on the way back. For double damage.


It is now the throwing weapon I wanted it to be. Give it a shot with Power Throw, it is hilariously fun.

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Glaive is probably my favorite Melee weapon now lol. Power Throw, Whirlwind, and Quick Return make it a wrecking ball of havoc on any enemy lol not to mention the killing spree it does down hallways x_x

But to be back on topic, I got mine from a T2 survival. My friend and I started running survivals as soon as U10 went up lol and I still can't get a freakin' Mag Prime System BP T.T

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