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Nidus build help


Modding this guy has been really confusing for me, although I'm starting to think I have some idea of what I want to do with him now. So far, here's what I'm working with - 

  • Vitality for hp, obviously.
  • Flow + Hunter Adrenaline to keep my mana up. 
  • Intensify, Power Drift and Transient Fortitude for Power Str. 
  • Continuity to offset the -dur from TA, plus I like the extra dur on my 3 and 4. 
  • Stretch for extra range. I'm aware of its downsides with my 1, but I still like it for my 2. 
  • Aura can be whatever - mostly I run Corrosive Projection. 


That leaves me with one last mod slot, and a LOT of option that I can't choose from. Again, here's what I'm considering:

  1. Steel/Umbral Fiber. On one hand I kinda don't need it because of my 3, on the other hand I can combine it with Umbral Intensify/Vitality for some strong bonuses when I have all those and extra tankiness outside of my 3 (or if I'm linked to an ally) isn't exactly bad. 
  2. Blind rage for more Power Str. It puts my power str at a pretty impressive 339 so all the extra damage is nice, however I'm still not sure about giving up that much efficiency since my initial build is mostly focused around not having any negative stats. With this mod my 1+2 combo costs 100 energy, and I still find myself running low once in a while by spamming my 1 too much and like not having to spend any more energy than I have to. Or it could be just me being somewhat new to playing him still, since I'm running Flow+HA I guess I shouldn't have any energy issues.
  3. Augur Secrets for the same Power Str, the bonus is a lot lower but no negatives which I really like tbh.
  4. Larva Burst for the augment, being able to explode my 2 at any moment seems pretty handy. I haven't seen many people mention it so I'm not sure about its actual effectiveness. 
  5. Fleeting Expertise might be an unusual one, but from what I can tell - the boost in efficiency makes my 1+2 extremely spammable (only 26 energy total), so even if I'm not hitting 4-5 enemies with each cast of my 1 I can still be quite liberal with it. At the same time, while duration does go down it doesn't affect me that much imo because even at -68% duration (assuming Primed Continuity maxed) my 3/4 have rather respectable duration. 


Any advice relating to these mods is welcome 🙂

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Augur Reach is also an option if you want more range, which more range also means a bigger explosion radius for yer maggots in addition to affecting all his other abilities.  If you decide to go with an augment, Larva Burst is nice simply for the QoL it has for larva - especially in areas where enemies are prone to getting caught on something.  Teeming Virulence is another good augment if you tend to use primaries.  Insatiable isn't all that useful unless you find yourself having issues building stacks (esp in full squads) and are relatively stationary to stay on the grass - biggest problem with that augment is that its practically useless once you hit max stacks, unless yer also going into undying a lot for whatever reason.  I personally haven't tried any umbral builds for him yet (mostly because it would mess up all my other builds on him atm), so can't really say there.


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