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Warframe Concept: Laverna V2


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So I'm back again with yet another revision to my Laverna concept. This is after reading through quite a few criticisms and suggestions from multiple awesome people. So here she is!

Name: Laverna

Stats (Rank 30):

Health: 300

Shields: 150

Armor: 200

Energy: 200

Sprint Speed: 1.25

Passive: Jumping on an enemy has a moderate chance of stunning them and opening up a finisher or making them forget that you were there

Ability 1; Copycat: Take aim at an ally or an enemy to encode one of their abilities to the ability key. Holding releases the ability and allows for a different one to be encoded. When taking aim at an enemy, Laverna will be teleported to the enemy. The enemy is opened up for a finisher.

Stats (Rank 30):

Duration: 16s

Drain: 25

Ability 2; Falsify: Cloak yourself as an enemy, tricking your foes into believing you are a friend. For each kill that you get while cloaked, your damage will increase.

Stats (Rank 30):

Duration: 15s

Damage/Kill: 3%

Drain: 50

Ability 3; Betrayal: Enemies within range become marked by Laverna. All damage dealt by marked enemies to allies (including companions) is dealt back to them even stronger than before

Stats (Rank 30):

Range: 15m

Damage Multiplier: 2.5x

Drain: 75

Ability 4; Blighted Steel: Laverna summons her signature spectral armor, Lorica Segmentata. As enemies approach Laverna, they will continuously do less and less damage. Should lethal damage be taken, the armor will instead disperse in a light that blinds enemies. Triggering this costs half of Laverna’s available energy.

Stats (Rank 30):

Max damage reduction radius: 7m

Blind Duration: 10s

Blind Range: 20m

Max Damage Reduction: 90%

Min Damage Reduction: 15%

Drain: 25

Drain/Sec: 7


  • Even when shot at, enemies will not fire at the player while under the effects of Falsify

  • Minimum and maximum damage reduction is not affected by ability strength

  • Max damage reduction radius is affected by ability range

  • Copycat can only encode abilities that have been unlocked

    • Example: Laverna cannot encode a Rhino Stomp if the targeted Rhino does not have the ability unlocked yet

  • Nullifiers do not decode any abilities encoded to Copycat, but they cannot be used while within a nullifier bubble or other similar effects

  • Enemies marked by Laverna via betrayal take damage as though they were dealing normal damage, but do not deal normal damage to Laverna

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