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"Pyroclastic Flow" ability augment not displaying effects.


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When using the Pyroclastic Flow augment for Nezha's Fire Walker ability, the kick animation plays, but the trail of fire does not appear in front of him. Enemies take damage upon entering the trail, but the effects are completely invisible.

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Here we can(not) see the effect of Pyroclastic Flow, however the large damage shows that it is actually there.

The earliest post I could find of this was in NOVEMBER. DE seemingly refuses to fix this augment-ruining bug despite repeated bug reports.
As a Nezha main, I'm kinda pissed, and I don't even use PyroFlow.


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With things like this persisting for so long, I have to wonder if DE even checks the forums. Bug reports by the dozens but only a few are even acknowledged.

Buying ad space on Spider-Man but not fixing bugs like this.

I honestly cannot comprehend these decisions.

EDIT: Took seven months but with 25.6.3 this bug has finally been fixed.

Maybe someone is reading these

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bug fixed
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