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Limbo and the Arbitrations Drones


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I don't understand why Arbitrations Drones can't be attacked by Limbo and his allies while they are in the Rift. I can understand why they aren't affected by the effect of the Stasis or any power, but making them completely impervious to the Rift renders Limbo useless and can even be a hindrance. At least, they should change Planes when they enter/exit Cataclysm so Limbo doesn't have to deactivate Cataclysm anytime a Drone appears, or make them reachable no matter the Plane (given their size and the enemies around, I don't think it is such a big deal).

I would love to use Limbo when I see the +300% Power Strength, but... yeah, not before something is done to prevent his gameplay from being a nightmare in Arbitrations.

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30 minutes ago, (PS4)deathwolfclaw666 said:

Tenno can damage drones while they're in Cataclysm so switch over, take the drone out, then switch back. 



This also means that they can't affect any enemy already affected by Limbo's Rift, but they'll pathfind to them anyway, which is useful.

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