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Nightmare mods



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The drop chances are listed here: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Nightmare_Mode_Mods

They have separate pools depending on difficulty.

The ones i normally use are:

- Constitution: for max duration builds

- Vigor: for leveling new warframes when i don't have a definite build for them

- Animal Instinct: enemy radar and loot radar are very useful

- Lethal Torrent: more multishot and fire rate is good on almost all secondaries

- Drifting Contact: for exalted weapons so that have some combo duration

The rest are i only use on a case by case basis and are alright for a majority of weapons.

The worst has to be Fortitude as it increase shield recharge and gives knockdown resist which isn't worth a mod slot for a majority of frames, the only frame that benefits is Hildryn when using that weird immortal build with the decaying dragon key, but even then it isn't necessary.

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